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You received a summons to appear before the Police Court following a speeding ticket, a fine, violations of various road signs or traffic lights, alcohol intoxication or drunk driving, escape offenses, driving deprivation of the right to drive, accidental assault and injury in the context of a traffic accident?

I assure your defense by first contacting your insurance, which often includes a legal protection that completely relieves you of your legal fees.

You are a victim of a car accident, I also assist you in the procedure to obtain compensation for your damage.

You received a summons to be heard at the police station? Are you summoned before the Criminal Court?

In criminal law, I take care of your defense, whether you are an author, a defendant or a victim. I assist you before the various criminal jurisdictions such as the Chamber of the Council, the Correctional Court, the Police Court or before the judge of application of the penalties.

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